My Sappy Love Story

Are you going to watch A
Second Chance
? I bet you would. I’m sure you are all after the ultimate hugot lines the movie could offer. As for me, I think I’ll pass. No—don’t get me wrong. I think A Second Chance is a good movie, and I know I will shed bucket of tears and have puffy eyes as souvenir after watching the film. But the thing is, I know the movie will be full of emotions and pain, and in my current vulnerable state I might not be able to handle such pain.

Oh, its just a movie, you say. How could it affect me? Well, it already affected lots of people during its premier night. And I made the mistake of clicking this link, thus making me bawl my eyes out as if there was no tomorrow (or neighbors listening to me whine “Minahal kita kahit sinasaktan mo ako!”)

Source: Screengrab from; lines taken from Star Cinema movie A Second Chance. 

The third hugot line really nailed a spot for me. Totoo naman, ‘di ba? Kahit nahihirapan na tayong mahalin sila, pinipili pa rin nating mahalin sila simply because mahal natin sila… at dahil nangako tayo. Nangako tayo sa Diyos na mamahalin natin sila kahit ano ang mangyari.

No, I will not shed some wisdom in this post. I, too, am seeking my own answers. Hanggang kailan tayo magmamahal? Hanggang kailan ba tayo masasaktan? Hanggang kailan mo patatawarin ang taong minahal mo nang lubos ngunit piniling lokohin ka?

Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s sappy and kinda… sad. Oh, God! Too much negativity, sappiness and all that emotional turmoil rolled into one, that
so much resembles the spicy shawarma I had for dinner—it’s giving me a heart burn, I tell you.

Okay. Let me just go ahead, fix myself a cup of chocolate drink and continue nursing my broken heart.

And, oh, lemme know what you think of the movie.

Still fixin’ a broken heart,

That Writer with a Sappy Love Story

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