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The truth is, every writer should be aware of their social responsibility. Writing Fiction, however, doesn’t excuse a writer from being responsible. You can’t just write about anything you want, unless you are only writing in your personal journal that could affect no one but yourself.

Irresponsible writing may pass on contagious misinformation that could be viral from one mind to another. Unless you actually believe that you can write something really stupid and then expect your readers to gain something from it.

You can’t just write about sex just because you want to excite people. You can’t just describe gore to make your audience cringe, or insert extreme violence for the sole purpose of scaring the heck out of everybody.

Make them learn something new… don’t just be inspired by somebody’s work. Find and do something you can call your own. Yours and yours alone. Not a copycat. Not a duplicate. Not a mere shadow of someone better–or popular.

Make them experience something fresh… don’t be such a mere follower in the bandwagon. Try not to copy another writer’s style. Be creative.

Make them understand what they couldn’t… be clear on what message you are trying to impart, and make sure you actually know and understand what the heck you are talking about.

Yes, it’s a writer’s basic principle…WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. Sure, but make sure what you know is actually accurate, first.

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