When in Lipa: Fat Grill

Lipa could be my next favorite place to visit. I mean, c’mon guys, the best spicy tapsilog ever is in Lipa (click link here to know more about this tapsilog I’m raving about). There’s the goto laman that I could literally find everywhere (my cheap thrills, you know?). Then there’s this super scrumptious, I-think-I-died-and-gone-to-heaven BBQ ribs I sampled in a place called Fat Grill.

Last weekend, I went to Lipa City to visit Michael. But the real reason why I went there was because I’ve been craving for this particular spicy tapsilog. But please, let’s just keep it a secret, shall we? I mean, I wouldn’t want Michael to think that I adore the tapsilog more than I do for him. So anyway, let me digress. Michael and I went to watch a movie (Yes, really, I have to make kwento about this–promise I will get to my main point soon), you know that movie Just The 3 of Us, and kuya John Lloyd made me cry! I mean, it was supposed to be a Rom-Com, why would John Lloyd do that to me and make me bawl my eyes out?! Michael, who was sitting right next to me, kept on laughing because I was crying over the silliest thing, he said. Silly agad? Hindi ba puwedeng may pinaghuhugutan at pinagdaraanan lang? Sheez.

So moving forward, it was way past lunch time and and we were kinda hungry. Michael brought me to this place he swears by. I was hesitant to go in at first–I had to remind him that I was on a tight budget (and the place looked kinda pricey if you ask me), but instead of being sympathetic because I was a forced BUDGETarian, he just shrugged off my predicament and said, “Wait till you see their menu.”

And their menu was right before me a few seconds later.


Photo from Fat Grill’s Facebook Page

Aaand Fat Grill saved the day. And my hungry tummy. And my dying wallet.

The names of food on their menu looks interesting, quirky and fun to read. I guess that was the reason why I had a hard time deciding what to order–I wanna try them all! And their prices are so affordable, my wallet is making its happy dance along an imaginary show tune of The Price Is Right. (Notice the price of their Red Iced Tea. That was the highlight of my day.)

As recommended by Michael, I ordered Fat Grill’s Baby Come Back–bbq ribs smoked to perfection. Michael, for the 2nd time around, chose KKK–krispy kare-kare. The names have a nice ring to it, right?

You know those awkward moments when you ordered a meal in a fast food restaurant, or even in those semi and quasi-fancy restos, you looked at their menu with promising images of juicy burgers or an overflowing plateful of fill-in-your-choice-of-food or even that gargantuan-looking chicken drumstick, then when your food arrived you felt kind of disappointed because those food definitely did not resemble anywhere near the ones on their menu? With Fat Grill, honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. It was like, “Surprise me, Fat Grill, surprise me.” And boy was I surprise when my order arrived (approximately 15 minutes later; that fast, I know).



Baby Come Back (Smoked BBQ Ribs)

Would you look at that. Isn’t it mouth-wateringly gorgeous? (Note that mouth-wateringly gorgeous does not exist, but I just ran out of words to describe this piece of beauty.) Baby, I was not disappointed. The barbecue ribs was so tender, it almost melt in my mouth. My palate fell in love with the tangy-sweet sauce smothered over smoked ribs. Aaaand I couldn’t believe it only costs me P104.00. Happy tummy + happy wallet = happy ME.

And here is Michael’s order:



KKK — Krispy Kare-Kare

One of my favorite dish is Kare-Kare, and I have to say Fat Grill nailed it with their version of krispy kare-kare. Perfection to a T.

Oh, oh! I almost forgot: their red iced tea only costs P16.00. No really, I have to mention it since Someone can’t get over the price of their Iced Tea.

You know, whenever Michael and I liked the food in a certain resto, we would often go back to try other stuff in their menu (I’m going to try RnB next). And I guess this won’t be the last time for my foodventure in Fat Grill. The place was great and the ambiance was nice. Now that I’m back here in Manila, I am itching to go back to Lipa as in right now! I’m not sure if they have any branch here in Manila, though.

Fat Grill is located in B. Morada St., Lipa City. So if you happen to visit the city, do check out their place. And do bring me back a BBQ rib! Hahaha. To know more about them, click this link for their Facebook Page.

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