How To: Add Facebook Page Username

I was creating a Facebook page for my blog –Maxine Laurel Stories– when I encountered a problem with creating a username for my page. A username will be most helpful for my readers to find my page, and it adds a personal touch to my page. But no matter what I do, Facebook keeps on telling me that my page isn’t eligible to have a username! And mind you, I did try everything –and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. But nothing seemed to work!

Until I came across the Facebook Help Desk Community. Apparently, I was not the only one having problems with creating a username. Thanks to the people on the thread, I was able to create a username for my page, and it was as easy as pie.

So how do you create a username for your page in case Facebook does not allow you to create one?

Usually this problem arises if you own MORE THAN ONE page and you have probably created a username yourself for the other page. In case you do have more than one (like me), you must add another admin to your page by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings, Page Roles, then Assigning a New Page Role.
  2. Type a (Facebook) name or email address (used for Facebook) of the person you want to be an admin.
  3. Ask the person you just made an Admin to go to (on his/her browser) About, Create username @username

NOTE: Before assigning someone as an Admin for your page, make sure that that person is someone you trusts. OR why not just create a second Facebook account and add it as an Admin instead.

I do hope this helps you.

Maxine LaurelBackground



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