KJM Cheek.Lip Stains Review

There are times when I get too lazy to put on make up, but still need to look presentable enough. And there are those days when I only want my make-up to look simple. Cheek and lip tints are my go-to products during those moments since they are easy-peasy to use and gives you that natural dumaan-si-crush blush on your cheeks.

KJM cosmetics’ Cheek.Lip stains are not new to me. I first saw them on Instagram where Sofia Andres rocked the tint in the shade of Bittersweet Magenta. And people were raving about this tint. So naturally, I have to get one. Okay, so let’s make that four.

From left to right: Bittersweet Magenta, Dolled, Bloodshot, Pink Puff

Recently, KJM cosmetics changed their packaging to a more slender container, perfect to fit small pockets of bags or purses.

The tint is water-based and comes with a roller applicator.

On the bottle, a shrink-wrap covers a newly purchased tint with the name KJM All-NATURAL COSMETICS printed on it.

At the back is where the list of ingredients can be found. No expiration date is indicated on the packaging. The company claims that their cheek and lip stains are all-natural, and on their website FAQ they stated that the shelf life of their product is 6 months depending on usage and storage. Since no expiration date was printed, it is a bit of a problem for me to discern when the exact month my KJM stains will expire. Some reviews claimed that the tint will give off a funky odor, an indicator that it has reach its expiration date.

They have about 10 colors in total, but I was only able to purchase four tints since I don’t really need all those shades. Besides, since shelf life is only about 6 months, it would not be practical to collect all shades for personal use (heck, owning 4 tints is already not sensible!) as the volume of stains per bottle goes a long way.

Photo of the swatches are not mine. These are screenshot from their website http://kjmcosmetics.com/swatches

Photo of the swatches are not mine. These are screenshot from their website http://kjmcosmetics.com/swatches

From top to bottom: Pink Puff, Bloodshot, Dolled, Bittersweet Magenta

Pink Puff is a light pink tint, similar to the natural blush our cheeks make. On the other hand, Dolled is a darker, rosier pink version. Bloodshot is a true, bloody-red stain, while Bittersweet Magenta is more of a deep red (close to brick red) in color.

From top to bottom: Pink Puff, Bloodshot, Dolled, Bittersweet Magenta

From left to right: Bittersweet Magenta, Bloodshot, Dolled, Pink Puff

Upclose photo of the swatches on my arm. I am on the morena side, and this might alter the color of the tint on my lips.

Unlike my previous tint, this one surprised me a lot. One dot on my cheeks and it already gave me that natural flush. Depending on your skin tone, this cheek and lip stains are highly pigmented that all you need is two or three small dots on your face, smear the stain with your fingers and that’s about it. The result? A nice natural blush on your cheeks.

For someone who is used to this type of lip and cheek tint (My very first one was from Avon, that was back in college), I have no problem about using my fingers to spread the product on my cheeks. Only, it will leave you some stains on your finger tips, which can be difficult to remove with plain water.

Staying power of the stains as claimed by KJM Cosmetics website is about 3-6 hours. I did try it out (Dolled) but it did not last 6 hours on me since I drank water and sometimes moisten my lips with my tongue. But on my cheeks, the stain were still visible up to 6 hours.

Me wearing Pink Puff on my cheeks and lips. For my skin tone, the tint on my cheeks isn’t noticeable in this picture. But in actual, I can see a subtle blush.

Dolled is my fave among their pinks!

Bloodshot on my lips, with a hint of the stain on my cheeks.

Bittersweet Magenta, is a crowd favorite. It turned out to be more of a brick red in color on me in person.

KJMCheek Lip Stains can be purchased on their website (https://kjmcosmetics.com) or Instagram account (@kjmcosmetics) for only 110php plus shipping fee, though you can find many resellers on Shopee as well.


•Highly pigmented depending on your skin tone.

•Affortable at 110php.


•Will last more than 6 months.


•No physical store. Shipping fee is a bit costly most especially if you’ll only purchase 1 item.

•No expiration date indicated.

To prolong its shelf life and avoid the development of bad smell, it is advised for you to clean the roller applicator once in a while by removing it and rinsing it with water.

Also, in order for the stain to show its true color on your lips, you can dab a small amount of concealer or foundation on your lips, blend it well then slide the tint on your lips.


I’m giving it 4 kisses 💋💋💋💋 out of 5. I would have given it a 5 if only expiration date was included in their packaging.

Will I repurchase? Yes! I love Dolled and Bittersweet Magenta. It looked good on me, if I say so myself (hahaha!). This Cheek Lip Stain really lived up to its hype.

Hope this review helps y’all.



2 thoughts on “KJM Cheek.Lip Stains Review

  1. Lou says:

    Thank you for giving a review on these tints! Now I have a clearer idea on which one to buy 😀 they should definitely put an expiration date thoughh


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