Project Stars: The Choice Experiment

Being part of a writing community such as Wattpad made my writing experience a wonderful journey. Though I have been through many ups and downs with regards to writing, Wattpad still gave me opportunities not only to expand my readership but help me explore my writing style and push me to go far beyond what I though I was only capable of doing.

Then came the ANTHOLOGY. Spearheaded by nayinK and natsuriayuko of WattpadFilipino, Project Stars: The Choice Experiment is a collection of stories written by 30 Wattpad Filipino Stars. When they gathered 30 Wattpad Star writers to contribute for the anthology, I immediately signed up for it. I was too excited for the project that I had completely forgotten I was a complete noob in writing for anthologies or collaborating with other writers. Yikes! But thankfully I managed to survive unscathed.

But the most exciting part was me collaborating with not just any Filipino Wattpad Stars, but THE Filipino Wattpad Stars. Imagine my reaction when I found out I will be collaborating with the STARS.

Project STARS: The Choice Experiment on WattpadFilipino Profile

You can visit the WattpadFilipino profile to know more about the anthology or click this link and it will take you directly to the anthology.

Happy reading!

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