My 2020 Book Haul via NBS Warehouse Sale and National Book Store

Every year, September is the most exciting month for me (next to my birthday and Christmas of course!) It is during this month that Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is being held. Unfortunately, due to the recent pandemic, MIBF was pushed back to late November this year. And it became an ONLINE event. At least MIBF still happened, right? MIBF is still an ongoing event as I write this piece. They have extended their book sale until January 2021. Still plenty of time to browse books to read for next year.

So anyway, it was weeks before the MIBF when I was reading my news feeds on Facebook. I came across a group of readers-slash-bookworms, and when I checked it out, there was a post about one of the shops in Lazada that sells cheap books. Turns out, it was National Bookstore Warehouse Sale or NBS Warehouse Sale (not to be confused with National Book Store online shop in Lazada.) This shop is also available via Shopee.

I browsed their site and lo and behold—books at very affordable prices were just one click away! To add to cart or not to add to cart? To add to cart, of course! #Adutucart

Below are my finds (which will go to my pile of TBR for 2021).

From NBS Warehouse Sale on Lazada

I don’t know why but some books that are not available at NBS Warehouse Sale on Lazada are available on their Shopee page.

From NSB Warehouse Sale on Shopee

National Book Store (the official site on Shopee and even on their physical stores) also offered discounted price for their books. Some of them are in hardcover! Frankly speaking, books here in the Philippines are quite expensive, especially the international ones. So most readers would often choose free online reading sites to get their daily dose of reading materials.

From National Book Store on Shopee

All books I bought on their Shopee and Lazada page cost 100php to 250php each. And yes, even the hardbound ones! What a steal, right?

From National Book Store on Shopee

I was also able to score these finds at their physical store for less than 100php each!

From National Book Store SM Aura

I know, I know. I know what you’re all probably thinking. Is this going to be another case of tsundoku? Buying books, but doesn’t quite get around to reading them? Letting them pile up on one’s nightstand or sit and collect dusts on a bookshelf? I certainly hope not!

So… Any thoughts on which book I should be reading first? Would you rather buy actual physical books or prefer eBooks instead?

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