Planning for 2021 (Part Two): 365 Days Planner Review

Happy New Year!

As promised, here is my part 2 of my planner review. For Part One, I talked about my thoughts on Belle de Jour Power Planner. (Click this link to read Part One.) Now, let’s put the spotlight on Limelight’s 365 Days Planner.

The one I got from their line of planners is the Rattan. I believe their 2021 planner comes in 4 different colors. Unfortunately, as of writing this blog, the 365 Days Planners are already sold out. I was able to purchase mine through NBS online back in November.

I like the feel of the front cover. And the color I got is undeniably gorgeous!

These are the pages inside. I particularly like the Mood Tracker—now I will be able to see if I’m really a moody person. LOL.

Limelight’s 365 Days Planner also comes with a ribbon marker and a magnetic bookmark.

On the top most of every page, you can find interesting facts, trivia, and even inspirational messages. However, they cut the page into half unlike last year’s planner which has one whole page dedicated for each day of the month. Still, it is spacious enough to jot down important notes or even your itinerary.

I’m glad they opted for a snap lock this year, which I think is more durable than the garter one. There is an envelope attached at the back cover with three sheets of cool stickers. I’m really loving their freebies!

Comparing to their 2020 Planner, the Limelight 365 Days Planner is the better version because of its aesthetic cover, fun and colorful pages and the free stickers.

Below is my 2020 Planner. The Print has already faded and the garter is no longer attached to the upper portion. Still, the 2020 Planner offered me more space for notes and writing down just about anything. It still deserves a thumbs up.


  • Aesthetics — I’m loving the cover, the snap lock, even the color I chose!
  • Fun and colorful pages.
  • Mood Tracker — thank you, Limelight, for the mood tracker.
  • The magnetic bookmark and not 1 but 3 sheets of sticker — coz I’m a sucker for freebies.


  • The pages they cut into half — I still wished they had one whole page per day.

THE VERDICT — I like this year’s planner. Its beautiful, fun and it has enough space for me to write. I also like that they use dotted pages instead of the blank or lined ones. I will definitely purchase them again if they use the same design for next year’s planners.

For my next blog, I will talk about my third planner. Yes, I have three. I got the last planner because… I was able to collect 18 stickers. But I’ll tell you more about it on my Planning for 2021: Part Three. Till next blog!

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